"We kill one, and maybe, save a thousand"
— Fox
A picture of The Fraternity members from the comic book.

Super-villains of the Fraternity (shown from left-to-right) Fox, The Killer I, The Professor, Mister Rictus, and Wesley

The Fraternity is a group of assassins who had superpowers. In the film, The Fraternity was once a group of weavers who discovered a hidden code in the fabric, these were Binary Codes. They spelled out names from these codes and formulated theories that these names were judged by Fate itself to be killed. With this fact, the weavers themselves became elite assassins.

See alsoEdit

  • Assassin - Someone tasked to kill people for a price
  • Loom of Fate - The base room for reading the "instructions" of Fate

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