The Butcher
The Butcher1
Biographical Information




Cause of Death

Shoot with metal pipe through the chest

Killed By

Wesley Gibson

Character Information
Portrayed By

Dato Bakhtadze


Wanted (film)

A picture of The Butcher training Wesley while Fox looks on in the foreground.

The Butcher trains Wesley.

"How many punches did The Repairman throw before he was counting sheep?"
— The Butcher's first words

The Butcher was a supporting character in Wanted. He was the Chicago Fraternity's close combat specialist. He is portrayed by Dato Bakhtadze.

Wanted (film)Edit

With Wesley's entrance to The Fraternity he was taught various assassination techniques. The Butcher taught Wesley how to fight with a blade.

In the finale, when Wesley attacked the Textile Mill he faced The Butcher in the slaughterhouse. The two fought, with Wesley being cut up severely. However, The Butcher's blade became stuck in the barrel of Wesley's gun, after which Wesley fired it back into The Butcher's chest. Wesley then finished The Butcher by kicking the blade through his body.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

The Butcher is only mentioned in the game.

Unlockables and RewardsEdit

"Butcher would be proud" is unlocked after completing the game on any Difficulty in Close Combat Mode.

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