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Sucker is an alien parasite that came to Earth thousands of years ago. He lives by bonding himself to a host and feeding off the life force of others to keep himself alive.

Wanted (comics)Edit

Sucker was a member of the Fraternity and was originally an ally of The Professor but switched to Mister Rictus's side because he wanted to wreak havoc on the world, and not to run the world from the shadows. When Rictus began his takeover, Sucker stood by him. He stole Fuckwit's powers and killed villains he had once teamed up with. He tried to kill Wesley but taking Fuckwit's powers also gave Sucker his lack of intelligence, and he forgot that he only had powers for 24 hours. The Killer got him to fly above the city at the same time as when he'd stolen the powers, which caused him to fall to his death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can take the powers and abilities of other superhumans for a limit of 24 hours but he has no additional powers himself, other than stealing powers.