Storm Sharpnel bullets
Storm Shrapnel is a variation of Curved Bullets which uses the incendiary ammunition of the Fire Eaters. It first appears in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Wesley obtains Storm Shrapnel at the end of Spiders Don't Have Wings. Storm Shrapnel consumes 2 Adrenaline. Seven bullets are fired simultaneously and explode upon contact. It gives an area of effect damage to nearby enemies. The mechanics of Storm Shrapnel are identical to Curved Bullets.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

There are 3 achievements and trophies related to Storm Shrapnel:

  • Storm Shrapnel Trainee - Kill 50 enemies using the Storm Shrapnel Ability.
  • Storm Shrapnel Expert - Kill 100 enemies using the Storm Shrapnel Ability.
  • Glad I Wasn't There - Kill 3 enemies using only one explosion from the Storm Shrapnel.


  • Due to the limited destruction effects of the Diesel game engine, enemies are not dismembered or charred from the explosive effects of this ability.
  • All bosses except for The Immortal die with only one shot of this ability. To do this the Fire Eaters must be locked in using a cheat code, and the One Shot One Kill cheat needs to be disabled.