Goodbye bullet

A customized bullet fired from Fox's gun

"Oh, I almost forgot, I have something with my name on it, and I think it belongs to you."
— Wesley to The Immortal

The Fraternity's master ammunitions maker, Pekwarsky designs specially crafted bullets. Although these bullets are not given names, they were made to increase the pain dealt when compared to standard bullets.

Wanted (film)Edit

The members of the Fraternity had their weapons equipped with an ammunition of customized bullets designed by Pekwarsky. These bullets vary in shape and size. Although some Fraternity members like Fox have customized their own bullet to their liking. Some are added with tattoo or inscriptions. Also, the Fantasy Rifle had a special bullet capable of splitting into 3 parts which allows faster velocity for extreme ranges.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Wesley bullet

The Immortal holding a bullet with Wesley's name inscribed

One type of a customized bullet is a bullet with Wesley's name inscribed on it. It is made of a hard alloy of metal, mostly silver, and is quite larger than its normal counterparts. The Immortal named this bullet as a "seed" for no quite reasons. It is equipped into some guns of Cross and the Nightshade Pistol.

Weapons with customized bulletsEdit