Sniper Rifle Art Fraternity
"Looks like someone forgot their friend, time to pop some heads!"
— Wesley

Sniper Rifles are provided to some Fraternity members in their assassination missions. Its main purpose is to take down hostile targets from a far distance.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Several points of the game require you to take down enemies using a Sniper Rifle. A Sniper Rifle is used in both the Cross and Wesley missions. You will need to take down a group of enemies before proceeding to the next one. But be warned as enemies can easily shoot you when you aim. When idle, the player hides behind cover to protect himself. This weapon is mainly used for "mini-game" purposes as it does not run out of ammunition, and is known as a game-play feature of the game.

In real life; it is the French FR-F2 bolt action rifle


Sniper Rifle Cathedral

In the game, you need to take out all incoming enemies. The sniping sections do not allow the use of pistols; the Sniper Rifle only can be used. Here are the sniping sections in Wanted: Weapons of Fate;

  • Act 2: When The Water Broke - You need to protect Alyse from the Fraternity members near a construction site.
  • Act 8: Dust to Dust - Eliminate the forces charging through the entrance of the Church
  • Act 9: "How's your Father?" - Kill all the Fraternity members inside the Church.