Cross with two Shock Troopers

Cross holding the Shock Troopers

The Shock Troopers are a pair of customized CZ pistols first used by Cross in his early assassination missions. They are only seen in two of the flashback scenes of Wanted: Weapons of Fate.


Though not as much upgraded as the other weapons in the game, this weapon is still different from its normal counterpart.

  • These pistols are designed to be used by two hands, hence the grips on each gun are fixed.
  • Lower recoil than its normal version allows more fast and precised shots.


  • The damage from one shot from a single Shock Trooper gun is actually weaker than the Flyswatter's single shot.
  • Regardless of the costume used in the game, the Shock Troopers are only used on Act 2 and Act 4.

See alsoEdit

  • Flyswatter - The Fraternity members' standard issue handgun
  • Fire Eaters - Cross' replacement for the Shock Troopers