A picture of Puja examining the bullet given to her by Mr. X

Puja examines Cross's bullet.

"Your competitor's very smart."
— Puja's last words

Puja is a minor character in Wanted. She is portrayed by Sophiya Haque.


Mr. X approaches Puja at the start of the film for information about the ammunition Cross had been using.


She was shot in the head by the decoys Cross placed on the Metropolitan Building.


Little is known about Puja except that she was an ammunition expert who masqueraded as an office worker. While she was aware that Mr. X was an assassin, how much she knew about his connection to The Fraternity was unclear. As she was unaware that Cross had been killing members of The Fraternity, she was not in regular contact with The Fraternity. Mr. X told her to relax because her name had not 'come up', which implies that she was at least aware that his targets were selected by some method rather than paid for as would be typical of an assassin. And although he did not refer to The Fraternity by name, he did talk to her as if she were aware that he worked for an organization.