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Portrayed By

Terence Stamp


Wanted (film)

Pekwarsky is a supporting character in Wanted and its sequel Wanted: Weapons of Fate. He is portrayed by Terence Stamp in both.

Wanted (film)Edit

Pekwarsky was a member of the Fraternity, a friend of Cross and an expert in making bullets and ammunition. Wesley traced Pekwarsky to a monastery in Moravia from a bullet that Cross shot into his arm. Pekwarsky agreed to arrange a meeting between Wesley and Cross.

After Wesley escaped from Fox Pekwarsky rescued him and took him to his father's house to show him the truth. He told Wesley his father only wanted a different life for him. He gave him airplane tickets and told him to leave so he may live.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

After Wesley killed a group of assassins from the Paris Fraternity masquerading as SWAT Officers, he saw Araña, an assassin from the Barcelona Fraternity. She held the Kill Order that the French assassins had been looking for. At this point, Pekwarsky appeared and distracted Araña. Pekwarsky informed Wesley that he was the prime target of the Paris Fraternity, a group led by The Immortal. Although he aided Wesley throughout the story, Pekwarsky's real goal was to retrieve the stolen Kill Order.

Pekwarsky gave Wesley the Killer Suit and the Nightshade Pistol, two of the most used weapons of his father.