Held Nightshade
"I'm an asshole with a gun and a cool suit"
— Wesley's response to The Immortal

The Nightshade Pistol is the advanced handgun used by Cross and his son, Wesley Gibson during the course of the game.


The Nightshade is a customized pistol which is based on the M1911 & Beretta 92 9mm handguns. All advanced assassins have possession of this customized pistol, including Cross. Wesley has this as a replacement for his old gun after he received the Killer Suit. Here are some features of the Nightshade compared to Wesley's Flyswatter and its original M1911/Beretta 92 version;

  • Extended Clip Capacity - The Nightshade contains 20 bullets per clip as compared to the Flyswatter's only 15 bullets.
  • .357 Bullets - The bullets are replaced with .357 caliber bullets resulting in increased damage.
  • Sleek design - The design of the handgun was altered from a normal M1911 handgun to fit its sleek properties
  • Improved muzzle - A new design for the muzzle that allows increased accuracy, also affecting its sound.
  • Added Compensator - A compensator was added in order to reduce the recoil and heat effects of the gun while fired.
  • Design Cosmetics - The design of the handgun was customized at its various parts; grip, muzzle, clip, and sides. It has also some engravings.
  • Stainless Steel Plating - The plating of this handgun was made of an alloy of stainless steel, which has been painted with a black color.
  • Advanced stopping power - The gun is customized for single-shot purposes only. This feature provides a delay time between one bullet and the next in order to focus the strength of the bullets fired.


See alsoEdit

  • Curved Shot - The ability of curving a bullet from a handgun.
  • Flyswatter - The standard handgun of the Fraternity
  • Fire Eaters - Dual customized pistols for rapid-fire purposes


Here are some gameplay tips regarding this weapon;

  • Since this weapon deals much more damage than the Flyswatter, it is advised to conserve bullets by counting the number of shots needed to kill an enemy (Monks can be killed with 2 shots from the Flyswatter, however it only takes 1 shot from the Nightshade to kill them).


  • The gun is named after the character Deadly Nightshade from the comic.
  • Regardless of any costume used in the game, unless cheats are used the Nightshade is only available from Act 7 to Act 9
  • The sounds used for the Nightshades's Curved Shot are the same as the Flyswatter's.