Machinegun fire

Cross, firing the Mounted Machine Gun in Act 2

During two flashback scenes in Wanted: Weapons of Fate, a Mounted Machine Gun can be used. They are used to kill a large number of enemies in the given areas. The player can take cover behind the Mounted Machine Gun's protective shield to avoid dying by enemy gunfire.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

  • Act 2 - When Alyse is cornered by Monks, Cross finds a machine gun mounted on the building. The player needs to kill all the enemies on the other side of the street to proceed.
  • Act 6 - When Cross escapes the Chicago Fraternity, several Fraternity guards shoot at him from the entrance. The player needs to use the machine gun to suppress them. This machine gun scene has a duration of 90 seconds. However, you need to focus on the enemies as they increase in number as the timer counts down.


  • The machinegun's shield can be destroyed by enemy fire. The player can position the shield in the direction enemies are firing from in order to increase protection.
  • Remember to switch sides when a shield has been destroyed (for example; if a shield on the left is destroyed, use the right side for cover) so that you will not be shot easily.