The Justice Alliance was a superhero squad formed before 'The Great Supervillain Revolution' to fight the forces of evil but ultimately failed during the war.


Many years ago the entire world was ruled by 2 powers: Superheroes and Supervillains. When the Supervillains became smarter the Superheroes decided to band together and take them all out, These people are:

- Fallout (Superman Analouge and Leader)

- Detective Dark (Batman Analouge)

- Kid Raven (Robin Analouge)

- Cybertron (Cyborg Analouge)

- Power Woman (Wonder Woman Analouge)

- Professor Providence (Dr Fate Analouge)

- Emerald Knight (Green Lantern Analouge)

- Crimson Blur (Flash Analouge)

- The Scarab (Blue Beetle Analouge)

- Mr Cyclone (Red Torando Analouge)

- Eagleman (Hawkman Analouge)

- Eaglewoman (Hawkwoman Analouge)

- Nukestorm (Firestorm Analouge)

- Crazydog (Wildcat Analouge)

- Metal (Steel Analouge)

- Colonel Super (Captain Marvel Analouge)

- Elastic Alpha (Plasticman Analouge)

- Lord of Death (Deadman Analouge)

- Crimson Quiver (Green Arrow Analouge)

- Spaceman (Starman Analouge)

- Mystichick (Zatana Analouge)

- Sir Marvel (Mr Miracle Analouge)

- Visitor Wraith (Phantom Stranger Analouge)