Gameplay Enhancements are the unlocked special cheats in Wanted: Weapons of Fate. These cheats allow faster completion of the game, and with much ease. However, using these cheats have punishments, or downside effects.


In order for the codes to appear in the Pause Menu for usage, at least one cheat in this category must be unlocked. You can unlock cheats and other features by inputting Binary Codes in the Secret Codes section of the Main Menu.


Activating at least one of these cheats in the game disables the unlocking of rewards, items, and unlockable levels and settings. A fly logo at the top-left portion of the screen indicates that you have activated a code. Before activating a code, a message will warn you that you cannot unlock features.

On the Xbox 360, activating codes disables the earning of achievements.


Since playing in Unlocked Acts does not affect the main saved game. The player can use Gameplay Enhancements in this mode.


Here are the cheats and their descriptions

Cheats Descriptions
Health Improvement Doubles the defense, and health regeneration of the player
Super Weapons Unlocks all the Adrenaline powers, the Nightshade Pistol and the Fire Eaters.
Unlimited Ammunition Self-explanatory, provides infinite ammunition. You will not even need to reload your weapons.
Unlimited Adrenaline Provides unlimited Adrenaline, allows you to use the Adrenaline Powers even without any Adrenaline Slot available.
One Shot One Kill Self-explanatory, kills any enemy with a single shot


  • Since you are free to use cheats on the Unlocked Acts, you can activate all of them if you want.