Angelina Jolie as Fox

Fox car chase

Fox in the car chase

Fox grew up in the ghetto. Such a neighbourhood where there are only three ways to get out: rap, sports or crime. She cant make a basket or rap so she chose crime and eventually, it all paid off for her when she combined her agility and strength with her ruthlessness. Killing is as natural to her as breathing is to everyone else. Fox has a great appetite for sex which she unleashed on the first Killer before moving on to his son. She was given pills by the Professor before the Killer's funeral so she won't go on a killing spree afterwards. She was told to recruit The Killer's estranged son Wesley Gibson at a subway shop and tells him about the Fraternity. He does not believe her at first so she kills everyone in the sandwich shop and drags him to the Fraternity's headquarters and trains Wesley. They soon become lovers. The Professor is kidnapped, and executed by Mister Rictus. Fox and The New Killer (Wesley) then they went to the American Fraternity and killed everyone there, including Mister Rictus. Wesley soon finds out that his father is alive and well. Wesley's father faked his death so Wesley would join the Fraternity and become a determined assassin. The Killer then asks his son to murder him saying that he is getting disoriented with his age and cannot handle any more his assassin dignity. Wesley reluctantly agrees and kills his father. He then tells Fox that he wants to go back to his old boring life. Fox then realizes he is kidding.