The Flyswatter is the standard handgun used by all members of the Fraternity. It is modeled after the Beretta 92 series, however, with some slight changes and improvements.

Wanted (film)Edit

When Wesley entered the Fraternity Fox gave him a Flyswatter handgun. He used it during his firearm training. In the end, he kept this handgun as his personal weapon of choice.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Wesley holding Flyswatter
The Flyswatter was Wesley's first weapon in the game, before being replaced with the Nightshade Pistol. He kept this in his desk until it was needed. During the raid of the disguised SWAT Team, Wesley used this in chasing the culprits, up to killing The Russian and Brummel.


When compared to the normal Beretta handgun, the Flyswatter has some improvements;

  • Customized grooves - For easier curve bullet tactics, and for faster shooting.
  • Customized breach - For rapid-firing with minimum recoil compared to the standard type.


  • The name of the handgun could possibly originated from the first test of the Fraternity to its new members; Shooting a fly's wings without killing it, which Wesley successfully did.
  • In the movie, the Flyswatter is a customized Beretta 92S, while in the movie and the game's cutscenes, it is a modified Beretta 92SB.