WANTED T4 0093
The Fantasy Sniper Rifle (or Fantasy Rifle) is a heavily customized Rogue Assassin Sniper Rifle. It is first seen in the movie when Cross used it to shoot Mr. X. Later on, this was used again by his son, Wesley to kill Sloan.

Wanted (film)Edit

Sniper Bullet in Two

Both Wesley and Cross used this amazing Sniper Rifle to take down their primary targets from a distance. Its power allows a bullet to pass through extreme distances passing through the target. In the movie, the bullet is traced back to the rifle to explain the distance. This bullet has passed through buildings, car parks, streets, structures, and it can even split into smaller pieces.


This heavily modified rifle has the following features;

  • Special bullets - Bullets that can pierce through any object (except for special armors made by the Fraternity)
  • Improved scope - Cross actually attached a telescope in the Sniper Rifle to see longer distances.
  • Zoom control - The telescopes attached to the rifle has zoom control capabilities.
  • Longer barrels - The gun's barrel measures approximately 6 feet long for distance and accuracy.
  • Design cosmetics - The buttlock was curved and decorations were also added.

See alsoEdit

  • Sniper Rifle - The standard sniper used by some Fraternity members.