A close up of a the blueprint for making the explosive rats.

The blueprint for the Explosive Rats.

"Rats and explosives, a match made in heaven"
— Wesley Gibson

The Explosive Rats are the living weapons created by The Exterminator.

Wanted (film)Edit

During a break at the Fraternity, Wesley's friend The Exterminator revealed a plan by which a structure could be demolished without needing to enter it - the Explosive Rat.

A close up of a rat with a cheap digital wristwatch strapped to it.

The timer strapped to a rat.

Wesley recovered the blueprint for the Explosive Rats from a secret room in Cross's house, and made his own. He bought a lot of peanut butter at the grocery store, then used it to attract a large number of rats in a junkyard. He then placed them in the back of a dump truck, reversed the dump truck into the Textile Mill's main gate and released the rats. When they exploded these rats destroyed the Loom of Fate and much of the Textile Mill.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Brummel scattered Explosive Rats around the office as a trap for Wesley. After Brummel was defeated, he said his last words; "Boom, goes the dynamite" while holding a detonator in his severed hand. Luckily for Wesley, he was able to jump from the exploding building alive.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

There are two achievements and trophies related to the Explosive Rats

  • Destroying one explosive rat unlocks BOOM!
  • Destroying all of the explosive rats unlocks Pest Exterminator

Unlockables and RewardsEdit

  • Shooting Explosive Rats in the game unlocks comic book covers and artwork.