"Some of the things they taught me, not everybody can do. You've gotta have it in your blood."
— Wesley on curving bullets
Curved Shot game cover art

Curved Bullets is a special ability learned by some members of the Fraternity. It is an ability that allows the user to bend the bullet's trajectory to hit a target blocked by an object.


According to what Sloan says to Wesley, some people have the ability to "bend their instincts" "Let your instincts guide you." Some members who are excellent in handling firearms find this an easy skill. And as an advantage, Curving bullets makes it easier for assassination missions.

Wanted (film)Edit

As a part of his assassin training, Wesley got this ability with Fox, The Gunsmith, and Sloan as his tutors. At first, Wesley found this difficult, but on one ocassion when Fox acted as the cover, Wesley managed to pull this trick off successfully.

On his first assassination mission. Wesley needed to kill a target while on top of a train with the use of Curving bullets, and he also managed to do it.

When the characters faced-off against Wesley in the final confrantation Sloan tells them that everyone in the room except Wesley is going to die, to which Fox followed the code by killing most of the guards and herself with a single Curved Shot.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Earn Curve Bullets

After the completion of CLUSTERFUCK the player unlocks Curved Bullets. Curved Bullets consumes 1 Adrenaline.

This skill is very important in taking down enemies hiding behind cover, such as elite enemies who never detach from their cover.


CurvedShot2 Act 3

To curve a bullet the enemy is first targeted with the Curved Bullet button. The enemy is then locked onto and will remain so even if it returns to hiding behind cover. The Curved Bullet's arc is then adjusted so that it is not obstructed - the target's shape is highlighted red when there is an obstruction, and white when there is none.

When the camera follows the Curved Bullet to the target, the enemy will die. This is known as the Reward Camera in the settings.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

There are two achievements and trophies related to Curved Bullet:

  • Bullet Curving Trainee - Kill 10 enemies using Curved Bullets
  • Bullet Curving Expert - Kill 100 enemies using Curved Bullets


  • In the comics, the Fraternity members did not curve bullets. It first started in the movie.

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