Character Information
Portrayed By

Kristen Hager


Wanted (film)

Cathy was the ex-girlfriend of Wesley Gibson.


Wanted (film)Edit

Cathy was Wesley's previous girlfriend. She cheated on him with his friend and co-worker Barry. Cathy and Wesley lived in an apartment near a train station which was full of loud noises. Unknown to Wesley, every time he went to work, Cathy would meet Barry. Moreover, their situation got worse when Wesley decided to join the Fraternity. Cathy finally chose Barry.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

Cathy can be seen in Act 1 banging on  a window. Killing her unlocks Half the man Barry is. She can be found after the Assassin Time scene of the said level. When you go up on the stairs, look to the windows on the left side covered by the smoke (the area before you fight the SWAT Leader).
Weapons of Fate Cathy Death00:25

Weapons of Fate Cathy Death

Cathy's Location

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