A picture of Brummel


"Me, I'm guessing about three... Boom goes the dynamite."
— Brummel's last words to Wesley

Brummel was a member of the Barcelona Fraternity, a Guardian of the Loom of Fate, and a boss in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.


After Wesley's encounter with The Russian, Pekwarsky told him that he will meet a buyer of Special Bullets. Wesley followed Pekwarsky, who was unaware of Wesley's presence at the meeting. The buyer turned out to be Brummel. Wesley shot at Brummel with a Sniper Rifle, but Araña pushed him out of the way and the shot hit him in the arm.


A video of Brummel's Death00:11

Weapons of Fate Brummel Death

Brummel's Death

Wesley fought through the office to find Brummel for the Binary Code written on his arm. After Brummel was defeated, he attempted to kill Wesley by detonating Explosive Rats that were hidden all over the office. Luckily, Wesley managed to escape by jumping out a window to a nearby rooftop.


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