Binary Codes appear in both Wanted and Wanted: Weapons of Fate. In the film, a Binary Code is read from the fabric woven by the Loom of Fate. In the game, a Binary Code is an 8-digit code which appears either as a tattoo on the Guardians, or as a collectible to unlock cheats, other play modes or playable characters.

Wanted (film)Edit

Thread Miss

In the Loom of Fate room Sloan explains that 1000 years ago a clan of weavers discovered a mystical code hidden in the fabric. The code was based on mistakes in weave of the vertical threads. If the vertical thread was on top, it's a "1"; if it's below, it's a "0". Once decoded, the Binary Code revealed the name of the person that Fate had decided needed to die.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

The Guardian's Binary CodesEdit

Tattooed on each of the three Guardians was a Binary Code. Together these three Binary Codes revealed where the Chicago Fraternity's broken Loom of Fate was to be taken. Wesley's initial mission was to obtain these three codes.

Unlockables and RewardsEdit

Binary Codes are entered from the Main Screen.

Binary Code Unlockable
01010111 Airplane Bodyguard
01110100 Cinematic Mode
01100101 Close Combat Mode
01010100 Cross
01100111 Headshot Mode
01001100 Health Improvement
01101101 Infinite Adrenaline
01101111 Infinite Ammo
01000100 Janice
01110010 One Shot One Kill
01100001 Special Suit
01001111 Super Weapons
01000011 Wesly