A picture of Mr. X jumping through a window.

Mr. X in Assassin Time

Assassin Time (Quick-Time Event, or Bullet Time, as known in the game) is an ability in the Wanted franchise which made its first appearance in the film. It involves a slow-motion action in which the character uses an adrenaline rush to survive tough emergencies.

Wanted (film)Edit

The Assassin Time adrenaline effect was first seen in the movie as Mr. X jumps down from the Metropolitan Building, shooting the assassins from the other side and successfully landing. It is explained that this is possible through an ability that very few people possess. The person's heart rate can be sped up to an excess of over 400 beats-per-minute, allowing for adrenaline to flood the bloodstream.

Wanted: Weapons of FateEdit

A picture from the video game of bullets in Assassin Time.

Assassin Time appears as Bullet Time events in the game.

In Wanted: Weapons of Fate, several situations similar to Assassin Time (but known as Quick-Time Events, or Bullet Time Events) have the player engage in firefights in which time is slowed down. To avoid death the player must shoot enemies or incoming bullets within a time limit.

These situations are:

  • Act 1 - Wesley shoots hostiles in an apartment building. The player also needs to shoot a bullet while Wesley jumps down from the window to the construction site.
  • Act 3 - Wesley shoots several guards who patrol the Textile Mill.
  • Act 4 - Cross goes into Assassin Time when escaping the burning airliner.
  • Act 6 - Cross kills the guards surrounding him in Sloan's Apartment.


  • On The Killer difficulty bullets are no longer highlighted and the timer doesn't appear.
  • Some sequences can be failed and the character does not die. This occurs in moments where the enemy hasn't fired a bullet yet.
  • The camera, timer, and the sequence for the next scene vary depending on the time spent on the previous action.
  • The bullet patterns in Assassin Time are random.