A close up of Araña's face.


"Who wants to be a widow?"
— Araña's last words to Wesley

Araña (Latin for "Spider") was a member of the Barcelona Fraternity , a Guardian of the Loom of Fate, and a boss in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.


Araña was first seen in RUSSIAN'S LAST DANCE talking to The Russian about Fox's corpse. Later, when Pekwarsky met his buyer, Brummel, Araña noticed Wesley just as he shot at Brummel with a Sniper Rifle.

In SPIDERS DON'T HAVE WINGS, Wesley fought through the mountain resort where Araña was hiding. Finally, he came face to face with Araña atop a control room balcony.


A picture of the straps which held Araña's being shot00:10

Weapons of Fate Arana Death

Araña's death

Araña met her death when Wesley shot the straps from which she was hanging outside the balcony. She grabbed the railing to stop herself falling, but when Wesley pulled the Kill Order she was holding from her grasp, this caused her to plummet to her death.


It is implied from the quotes and the in-game art and wallpaper that Araña had some feelings for Wesley.


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